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Forestry in Portugal

Portuguese forestryRecent researches have revealed that an estimated percentage of about 38% of the total land area of Portugal is occupied by forests and in fact it is to be noted that the forests occupy even larger area than the amount of land surface dedicated in Portugal to agriculture and farming. In Portugal, the major share of the forest area is covered by the wild pines accounting to about 31% of the total forest area, followed by cork oak trees occupying about 23% of area i.e. 713,000 hectares while eucalyptus occupies around 21% of the forest area. At present the forest products comprise of the major export products in Portugal and they are slowly emerging to be one of the foremost contributors to the soaring Portuguese economy adding on to the Gross National Product of the nation. Some of the most important resources obtained form the forests of Portugal include paper pulp and paperboard, wood pulp, corks and over the years with the progress of time, increased production has led to the formation of various industries dedicated to the seasoning of these products to make them suitable for export in foreign markets. If export statistics are taken into account, it is to be found that in the year 2000, a total growth percentage of 25% could be noted with respect to the exports than in 1999 and since then the figures are steadily increasing.


Forestry and forest products

Portuguese corkIn the country of Portugal, a total of an estimated 38% of the total land area of the country is devoted to forest covers and most of the major forest products like paper and wood pulp, cork etc. are significant contributors to the progressing Portuguese economy and in recent years, a considerable increase in production of these products have allowed greater quantity of exports thus resulting in profits. Some of the most important forest products obtained from Portugal are cork, wood pulp, paper pulp and paper board, eucalyptus, cellulose and wood for furniture etc. It is known that in Portugal the amount of land area devoted to forest cover is much more than that dedicated to agriculture and about 31% of the forest area is occupied by the wild pines which refer to an estimated area of 976,000 hectares while the cork plantations cover 23% area i.e. 713,000 hectares with eucalyptus accounting for 23% of the forest area. The abundance of forest resources has therefore resulted in the growth of various industries dedicated to the seasoning and packaging and modification of these products to prepare them for sale in the foreign markets. The most important industry that has evolved is that of the paper mills and in Portugal the pulp and paper industry is one of the prominent players in the international market with Portugal occupying the fifth position among the various European countries in terms of production.


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